The Performance Series

The Other Story Performance Series is one of several art productions stemming from the project's story collection that explore themes such as travel and strangers, family, career choices, love, loss, grief, self reflection, and resilience, to ultimately shed light on our shared humanity.

Performance Piece: I Am You


The Other Story Project honors all the different accounts, emotions, fonts, genres, and voices in its collection. It joins Flow Exhibition in a circle, all equally aligned, to be part of the experience and to nourish the flow of narratives, the vulnerability, the growth, and the ‘aha’ moments.

Fifteen different stories from the project’s story-collection are selected to shape the life of our protagonist. His life story is thus the experiences of various individuals who shared their stories at different times throughout the lifespan of The Other Story Project. It is thus a melting pot of possibilities. It is us, and it is you.

The method used in script writing is inspired by the Undesirable Elements method of Ping Chong + Company, which is “an ongoing series of community-specific interview-based theater works examining issues of culture and identity.” The “Undesirable Elements” presents a chamber piece of storytelling that weaves individual experiences together in a chronological order; a “seated opera for the spoken word.”

Script Writer: 

Fatima Al-Banawi, with reference to fifteen stories in the story collection of The Other Story Project.

Voice Coach:

Nada Al-Mojaddedi.


Hakeem Jomah, Nadia Malaika, Bakor Al-Tayar, Sarah Taibah, Lujayn Al-Yamani, Summer Shesha, Ahmed Al-Mojadidi, and Fatima Al-Banawi.
Later joined the Arabic performance: Mohanna Tayeb, Bayan Jamal, and Saleem Al-Homsi.


With 37 participating artists, Flow Exhibition introduces to the art scene new emerging artists alongside established ones. It is co-curated by Qaswra Hafiz of Hafez Gallery and Noor Al-Dabbagh of Banafsajeel, at the Beydoun Exhibition Space in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


February 2 – March 2, 2017

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* Hosting a station includes one or more wooden stands, pens, papers, poster, clip boards, and a story collection box.

* All collected stories at your space are the sole property of The Other Story Project and are to be collected by a representative of the project.