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The Other Story Project collects its stories by moving around the city’s cafes, universities, and public spaces, partaking in creative or social events, or visiting companies and work spaces. You can help the project’s story collection become more representative of the voices of the people, by hosting a station at your space.

To do so, kindly complete the form and click submit. We will try our very best to respond to your request as soon as we can.


Host a Station

To Share You Story, Find a Station

The Other Story Project collects the handwritten stories directly from people. To contribute your story to the collection, you can visit one of the stations located in stores, cafes, community centers, or universities to write your story. By that you become part of The Other Story. 


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* Hosting a station includes one or more wooden stands, pens, papers, poster, clip boards, and a story collection box.

* All collected stories at your space are the sole property of The Other Story Project and are to be collected by a representative of the project.